Sharon and its neighboring towns provide perfect demographics for a successful and thriving retail location. Here is a quick look at key demographics (for a detailed study, please click here). Over 90 acres of prime developable land with nearly one-mile frontage on Interstate-95. Strategically located at Exit 8 off I-95 at the northeast corner of the intersection of Mechanic Street of Foxboro and South Main Street in Sharon.

Radius Population 2012 Average Household Income (2012) Estimated Number of Businesses:
10-mile radius 306,939 $105,459 15,722
7-mile radius 168,366 $109,438 7,265
5-mile radius 76,206 $116,750 3,143
3-mile radius 24,879 $120,017 1,046

715 South Main Street, Sharon, MA
T: (781) 762-1990 | Email:

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